A Statesman’s Perspective . . .

Atlantic’s Editor in Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, sat down last week with Barack Obama for his most revealing interview since he left the presidency. Highlights are below; a link to the full conversation is attached at the end. The first time I interviewed Barack Obama, he was a junior senator from Illinois trying, improbably, to become president. […]

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The Real World . . .

Following is an Op-Ed piece by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), regarding the influence of anonymous “dark money” on the American judiciary, especially the Supreme Court, and a video of his related presentation in the recent Amy Coney Barrett hearings. Both are well worth a careful review; real eye-openers. The video presentation exposes the coordinated, anonymous, […]

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A Dream World . . .

Amy Coney Barrett was raised in a primarily Catholic, “Christian Charismatic” community in suburban New Orleans, and, as a young adult, committed to marrying, raising a family, and remaining within this community for life. Barrett attended St Mary’s Catholic high school, then majored in English literature at Rhodes College, a small liberal arts college in […]

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Orthodoxy . . .

Nicolaus Copernicus was a 16th century East Prussian astronomer who was asked by the Vatican’s Fifth Lateran Council to assist in updating the Roman Calendar, as, after several centuries, the position of the sun had evolved to be at such great variance with the calendar as to make it nonsensical. Copernicus’ conclusion, reflecting a lifetime […]

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Prologue and Epilogue . . .

Mueller senior deputy Andrew Weismann has joined a long list of top Justice Department officials publishing their critiques of DOJ’s numerous criminal and counterintelligence investigations of the Trump campaign’s dealings with Russia, and the President’s obstruction of justice by his interference in these investigations. Following is a brief summary of events before, during and after […]

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Holy Wisdom . . .

Conversion of Hagia Sophia earlier this year from a secular museum to a Muslim mosque has highlighted the historical debate, and underlying political tension, regarding the role of Islam in the modern Turkish state, and, seemingly related, Turkey’s recent trend toward autocracy in its governance. Roman Emperor Constantine defeated the army of Licinius in the […]

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Comes Around . . .

Benjamin Applebaum is a member of the New York Times editorial board and author of “The Economists Hour”, a 2019 history of the American economics profession, and a re-evaluation of its role in America’s government and its impact on our society. Following is his editorial this week, making the basic point that our society, through […]

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What Goes Around . . .

One of the iconic speeches in American history, addressing the internal conflict between America’s political and economic systems, following is FDR’s acceptance speech after his nomination by the Democratic Party for a second term as President, delivered June 27, 1936, to an outdoor crowd of an estimated 100,000 people at University of Pennsylvania’s Franklin Field. […]

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Putin’s Useful Idiot . . .

The term “useful idiot” is attributed to Joseph Stalin to describe military and political figures he manipulated to achieve internal political and external geopolitical objectives. Bob Woodward, in his new book “Rage”, reports comments of former U.S. Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) that, while serving as Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration, he “continued […]

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Buckle Up . . .

Based on President Trump’s continuing broadsides about mail-in voter fraud well in advance of the election, consistent with his well established talent shouting down all factual, official, and legal authority, including his own recorded statements, look for him to shout down official reports of state election officials on election night as they continue tallying absentee […]

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