The Generals Revolt . . .

Hard to believe.  We could be reading about ancient Rome, or modern day Brazil; clearly our Republic has become imbalanced. In response to President Trump’s cavalier threats to use the U.S. military against protesters in American cities, then his actual use of military troops in downtown Washington D.C. for purposes of a Presidential photo-op, James Miller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, just issued a “reminder” to all U.S. armed forces stating they will follow their oaths to protect the Constitution, including the people’s right of assembly, and will act consistent with U.S. law, which prohibits such action.  

At the bottom of the memorandum, near his signature, General Miller’s additional message is handwritten “We all committed our lives to the idea that is America – we will stay true to that oath and the American people”.

Image result for image of constitution

This message essentially tells the Commander-in-Chief that the military will not follow illegal Presidential orders.  Read the message for yourself.  I mean, wow . . . Memo to the Joint Force (02JUN2020).pdf

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